Armadillo Skin – 2 Just look slightly to the east of Butcher Creek on the map and you should see a small square which is the cabin (it is actually a small ranch). • Pig(domestic) 2 (2T) Rifle Pearson not only provides food for the whole gang, but also a crafting service which allows players to obtain a variety of items in exchange for animal parts. There is an open area by the railway track where a herd of bighorn ram and sheep gathers. If by chance it is not a 3-star then simply set up a camp nearby, sleep 2 times and save your game. It is always easier to not lose honor if you visit the place at night and silently take out the goat, this way you can save your honor level. A language teacher and video game enthusiast turned rogue, Joe is on a quest to become the ultimate gaming journalist. PEARSON. If you talk to Pearson, he may well off-handedly mention the Canadian fur trapper who hangs around in the area, which will mark the Trapper's location on your map. On the other hand, the trapper does have a lot more stuff to sell you. • Squirrel Pelt – 6 You need to visit these places from time to time and put down herbivore bait (potent herbivore bait is recommended) for the moose to be attracted. Pearson, a camp member in Red Dead Redemption 2, doesn’t require too many crafting ingredients; at least, not as many as a trapper. However I assume I can use it at the Fence or Trapper. It may take more than a single shot to kill them with firearms, so you can use improved ammo to avoid damaging the animal too much. Moose Pelt – 3 Ingredients: 1 x perfect beaver skin, 1 x perfect rabbit skin, 1 x perfect deer skin. • Owl Feather – 1 • Collard Peccary Pig Pelt – 2 • Seagull Feather – 1 • Raccoon Pelt————–2———- (1/1) ————————–Varmint You can always find a 3-star goat in New Hanover at the ‘Larned Sod’ ranch. • Raccoon Pelt – 1 • Cougar Pelt – 3 To get a perfect kill on a badger, you must use the Varmint Rifle armed with 0.22 shots. 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The panther is extremely aggressive and it suddenly spawns near you, so you need to have a quick reaction time. where do i find the robin or any of the small birds. is your #1 source for all things related to Red Dead Redemption 2. The only way to get a perfect kill on raccoons is by using the Varmin Rifle loaded with 0.22 shells. All the possible locations are shown in the maps below. • Duck Feather – 2 Rooster Feather – 4 Raccoon Pelt – 1 • Buck Pelt – 1 If the panther kills you, then simply reload your game and head back inside, it will always spawn. • Deer Pelt – 7 Return back and you will see the change in the quality. Boars are found all over the Lemoyne region, near forested areas. Below is a list for all tools, including bait, ammunition, and explosives that players can craft in Red Dead Redemption 2. You have to buy Pearson a $225 set of … These animals can be found to the west of Blackwater, and in the Heartlands Overflow to the southwest of Annesburg. • Ram Hide 5 (5T) Sniper /poison arrows There will be a dried up river with a little bit of water and 2-3 muskrat rats. Go to Pearson and choose Crafting Upgrades option where you can give him resources in exchange for some really cool upgrades. One such upgrades is the satchel upgrades which are very handy since you will be allowed to have increased amounts of tonics, ingredients, kits, provisions and more similar items in the game. • Wolf Carcass – 1 • Rat Pelt – 16 Raven Feather – 13 Black Bear Pelt – 2 • Cedar Waxwing Feather – 2 Squirrel Pelt – 6 • Iguana Skin – 3 Goose Feather – 2 You can perform a perfect kill on an ox by using the bow with poison arrows, rifles and sniper rifles. Made a spreadsheet with every animal part needed, for upgrading satchels and other crafting upgrades through Pearson in camp. Boar Pelt – 10 Another really great location for plenty of 3-star wolves is near the Hanging Dog Ranch in West Elizabeth. Skunk Pelt – 3 Huge thanks to our lovely readers that pointed this stuff out, like adepto_verity, Eddie Hanson, James Morgan, and others. • Cardinal Feather – 3 Okay so I made a badger hat and lost it I can’t get it off my horse so I have to go make another one??? Always go for a headshot or else the skin is going to get ruined and turn into a 1-star skin. Keep it stowed on your horse and when you go to donate items at Pearson’s table, all stowed items will appear. It will look like the head of an animal you killed. Greatly increases carrying capacity for all item types. Can you sell him pelts and will he craft satchel upgrades? • Alligator Skin – 1 Crafting ingredients for the trapper & Pearson in RDR2 are a fairly important mechanic in the game. To get a perfect kill on them, you can use the bow with regular or poison arrows, rifles and sniper rifles. • Snake Skin – 15 If it is not, then you can save your game and reload the save file. Chicken Feather – 4 Deer are one of the most common animals in the game, and you will find them near forested areas all over Lemoyne and the eastern part of Ambarino. • Iguana Skin 4 (1/3) Varmint • Pronghorn, Ram, Wolf Buck, Elk, Moose Ingredients: 1 x perfect bison hide, 1 x perfect raccoon skin, 1 x perfect deer skin. Iguana Skin – 3 Snakes can be found in several different areas, but the best one is near the road going from Saint Denis to the Van Horn Trading Post and Annesburg. • Black Bear Pelt – 2 Does that mean I have 5o carry the pelt with me until i can craft it or can i store it somewhere . These upgrades help make the camp a … If you end up getting stuck at another point, you might want to check out some of the other guides we have. Increases carrying capacity for all tonics. A 3-star ram will eventually appear. Crafting items at Pearson the butcher gets you all sorts of bonus stuff for the camp, but he also has things for you, such as increasing your satchel, aka inventory slots. We had luck at Cairne Lake doing the same process and were able to get one. Close. • Badger Pelt – 2 If you do it at night, then it should be good as you won’t have to confront the rancher and compromise your honor level. • Raccoon Pelt – 1 Required for Talismans *Recommended weapon for legendary animals – Shotgun with slugs • Chicken Feather – 4 Raven Feather – 13 I know it’s a bit late, but you’ve also missed off the bears… NOT the black bears, which you have listed, there are Grizzlies too which show up as bear pelt.