Proceed through the passage. Enemies hit are slowed for 3s and heal Thanatos based on damage dealt. Make a side trip to the route and speak with the cop. Examine the wounded man in the corner. Return to the left and avoid or kill the beast. Also, enter the code 0930 (the birthday date from the doctors’ station) to gain access to the rooftop. Once it falls, drop down into the room below. Formed 1984 Split-up in 1992. Inventory combination of VP-017 and UMB No. Stand against the plant and use the V-Jolt to eradicate the obstruction. He has a high-quality handgun at game start. Level Note: It’s possible to unlock the B5F computer room and B4F east area passage using a key card instead of the passcodes entered into the security room terminal. Use the sealed reagent case on the P-base to obtain the item. Collect the shotgun, ammo, and health items. After the second bar, go left through the opening in the fence. Face the painting--with the bottle-shaped hole--on the far wall. vigorous and strong, by thee untimely slain. Search the hall for an herb. Search the bust on the right side to grab the brass spectacles. You’ll enter the water purifying facility. Return to the staircase and ascend. At this point you have a few decisions to make. Panel 1 corresponds to room 102; panel 2 corresponds to room 103; panel 3 is matched with room 104; and panel 4 is matched with room 202. Thanatology is the academic and scientific study of death among human beings. Thanatos Tower is a dungeon located west of Hugel.Aside from scarce historical documentation and spoken legends, very little is known about the tower's origin. Anti-Virus: Temporarily stops viral infection. Your group can hoard more health items, more ammunition, and more vital items for the scenario. Return over the overhead bars to the room’s start location. Use the padlock key on the padlock to free the boat. Capcom continues their mastery of the survivor horror genre with Resident Evil Outbreak. Grab the blue herbs or leave them there for later. Drop out and move toward the top of the screen. For other uses, see, Thanatos as a winged and sword-girt youth. A guide on Thanatos Tower 2F ... You will need to gather 5 or more players near the Entrance Guide NPC for the guide open the door to 3F. If you follow the walk-throughs in this section and can’t locate an important item, check the NPCs’ inventory. Retrace your steps back into the entrance hall. Open the safe and collect the silver key. Take the staff room key so you can open the route upstairs. Wait until the cutscene then pick up an iron pipe on the left side. Some contain vital codes or parts of codes. Homer also confirmed Hypnos and Thanatos as twin brothers in his epic poem, the Iliad, where they were charged by Zeus via Apollo with the swift delivery of the slain hero Sarpedon to his homeland of Lycia. Ascend the staircase to the footbridge. Drop down the hole in the owner’s room and enter northwest passage 1. Enter the B4F turn table and find the lab card key on the left side of the train. Scamper away to the left and exit the door. Cross the catwalk and descend the ladder. Once he falls to your attacks, run down the canal past the leech’s start position to complete the level. Open the door into the underpass entrance. Discard it. The Europe map puzzle found in room 204 is solved by adjusting four paintings throughout the area. Avoid the wasps overhead and run to the blue door on the right side of the screen. It basically forms the number "1" in the pattern. Move toward the stairs and encounter the first of several giant spiders. Open the door to its right into room 101. Return to the other side of the entrance hall (where the student affairs entrance is) and enter the door in the right corner. Thanatos was born to the primordial gods Nyx and Erebos. Thanatophobia is the fear of things associated with or reminiscent of death and mortality, such as corpses or graveyards. 1 Overview 1.1 Advantages 1.2 Disadvantages 2 THANATOS-7 Confirmed Set 3 Release date 4 Tips 5 Comparisons 6 Users 7 Gallery 8 Trivia This weapon has Part System installed. Open the door and enter the B6F south passage. Examine the medicine cabinet on the right side of the room. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You’ll also find a list of vital items throughout the scenarios. Return to the duct and descend the ladder to the first level catwalk. Climb onto the pathway and move to the left. Call the elevator opposite of the nurses’ center and proceed to floor 2F. Search the break room for first aid (carry it to the duct later if possible), an herb, and an iron pipe and check the lockers for anti-virus. Thy sleep perpetual bursts the vivid folds Check the cabinets for medicine and beware of the leech hopping around the room. When a wasp moves overhead to attack, shoot it. Blast him with a rocket. This section provides complete scenario walk-throughs for Resident Evil Outbreak. Thanatos is also famously shown on the Euphronios Krator where he and his brother Hypnos are shown carrying the body of Sarpedon to his home for burial. Grab the lighter (which you may already have) and his shotgun if you need another weapon. It’s time to battle Thanatos R. Stay away from Thanatos R; don’t get close or you’ll suffer at the hands of his melee superiority. Enter the door into the north car. Break down locked doors or, if you’re Alyssa, use a lockpick. The walk-throughs reveal each required path through a level even though some paths may be completed by NPC characters that have joined you in the scenario. Follow the hall into the waste liquid disposal room. Shimmy to the left and drop down on the adjacent walkway. You’ll need a passcode first. The V-Jolt concoction is used to eliminate the infected plant. Note the zombie inside: he comes alive when you enter the room. Briefing: While avoiding blasts of flame, we proceeded through the smoke-encased hotel. Use the painting to reveal a switch. Pick up the T-Blood. special forces, NPC in "Decisions, Decisions" - Man 1, 2 , 3, 4, and 5, Mr. Red, Mr. Blue, Mr. Green, Mr. Gold, Mr. Black, "Outbreak" - Kevin Opening and Ending Movie, "Outbreak" - Mark Opening and Ending Movie, "Outbreak" - Jim Opening and Ending Movie, "Outbreak" - George Opening and Ending Movie, "Outbreak" - David Opening and Ending Movie, "Outbreak" - Alyssa Opening and Ending Movie, "Outbreak" - Yoko Opening and Ending Movie, "Outbreak" - Cindy Opening and Ending Movie, "Below Freezing Point" - Kevin Ending Movie, "Below Freezing Point" - Mark Ending Movie, "Below Freezing Point" - Jim Ending Movie, "Below Freezing Point" - George Ending Movie, "Below Freezing Point" - David Ending Movie, "Below Freezing Point" - Alyssa Ending Movie, "Below Freezing Point" - Yoko Ending Movie, "Below Freezing Point" - Cindy Ending Movie, "Decisions, Decisions" - Kevin Ending Movie, "Decisions, Decisions" - Mark Ending Movie, "Decisions, Decisions" - Jim Ending Movie, "Decisions, Decisions" - George Ending Movie, "Decisions, Decisions" - David Ending Movie, "Decisions, Decisions" - Alyssa Ending Movie, "Decisions, Decisions" - Yoko Ending Movie, "Decisions, Decisions" - Cindy Ending Movie. Enter the door on the right back into the entrance hall. Opens double door back into 1F passage B. Can be used to unlock the compute room and east area passage instead of using the passcodes. The Leech Man will follow you around the hospital. It’s testing passage A, a shortcut downstairs. Alyssa can unlock the far right locker with a lockpick. This chapter provides vital information on the eight playable characters in Resident Evil Outbreak. Proceed to floor B2F and reach the B2F passage elevator. Online party members can split up and solve scenarios faster by performing different tasks at the same time--such as getting the silver and gold keys on Hellfire or the P-base and V-Poison ingredients on Decisions, Decisions. Speak with the officer. Avoid the beast and enter the water tank across the catwalk. Move left around the far side of the table. Cross the pier going left quickly to avoid becoming shark food. However, some scientists argue that there is little evidence that most people have a specific drive toward self-destruction. With all buttons lit, the power is restored. Exit the water tank. You automatically move to the canal and then the front square upon defeating Thanatos R the first time. When battling the Regis Licker, attempt to remain out of range of its tongue attack. A guide on Thanatos Tower 2F (tha_t02 231 161) blocks the entrance to 3F. With blowtorch in hand, exit to the B4F east area passage. 1 Lore 2 Abilities 3 Videos 3.1 God Reveal 4 Achievements 5 Trivia 5.1 General 5.2 God Skins 6 Skins 7 Changelog Inevitably, all mortals must die. Once you have completed these tasks and killed the infected plant, enter the B6F level and complete the walk-through at the beginning of this section to obtain the valve handle. Use the key with a red tag to unlock the door. He starts with a sturdy handgun (with special ammunition scattered around the scenarios) and possesses a robust kick that can push back zombies so he can make a quick escape instead of using valuable ammunition. Once it’s covering the ground, move to the edge of the flammable liquid and use the lighter (ensure your allies aren’t standing in the gas). Ideally you should defeat the Regis Licker from long-range but it’s possible to bash the boss with a melee weapon as a last resort. Find the blue jewel inside the art gallery. You’ll find them throughout the hospital. Turn right at the intersection and move past the frozen enemy. Check this storage area for ammo and health items. Check the scaffolding on the left (and subsequently the top of the truck) for first aid and ammo. Search the bench for a shotgun but beware of the monster on the ceiling above you. "Hard Mode" is now available for all scenarios. If you don’t have activated Thanatos Tower in Kafra teleport, you can go to Thanatos Tower by talking to an NPC named, Karthaus Airship Managerat the top right corner of the map (2 o’clock). Laboratory (from Reagent Incubator after all three items inserted and incubator reactivated). "Lone Wolf Mode" is now available for all scenarios. You must retrieve the last item from Thanatos R. Lure him into 1F passage B. This section offers tips on using various types of weaponry in Resident Evil Outbreak. A guide on Thanatos Tower 2F (tha_t02 231 161) blocks the entrance to 3F. 1. Check the open window for the magnum revolver. The goal is to turn all of the console lights on. Take the firemen id tags to fulfill items on the event checklist. It has the ability to down multiple enemies in a single blast. Many Roman sarcophagi depict him as a winged boy, very much akin to Cupid: "Eros with crossed legs and torch reversed became the commonest of all symbols for Death", observes Arthur Bernard Cook.[12]. With security room key card in hand, return to the security office and proceed inside. Though he starts with a handgun, Mark is strong with melee weapons with his full swing maneuver. Exit the control room and go left. Help Bob through and up the stairs. Enter the center door into the student affairs office. He released Thanatos and handed his captor over to the god. You’ll use them to distract the leeches. The most widely accepted theory is that the tower was built to honor the legendary magic wielding swordsman Thanatos' victory over Demon King Morroc.. Drawing Room or next to officer’s corpse. For instance, pulling a teammate up from a ledge or carrying a wounded friend through a hall. There’s a typewriter here if you need it. This is the floor Alyssa, Jim, Mark, and Yoko begin on. Look at the left side of the desk for a couple notes pertaining to ingredients. Jim Chapman’s special move is playing dead. Go down the hall and drop down into the sewer. Avoid the next spider as you move forward. Push it forward until it stops. Return through northwest passage 2 and into the owner’s room. Search the room for ammo (if your character fits under the couch) and other items before moving to the fireplace. Use the elevator and descend to floor B1F. With all panels lit, move to the opposite side of the room and use the horse statue to open and recover the gold key. Search the upper catwalks for items then use the box to the left of the ladder. Remember the switch that activated the electricity-filled wires? All the same, the woman goes with me to Hades' house. You’ll enter the waiting room. The leech can submerge its front end and attack your character’s torso from long-range. He is commonly known as a harbinger of peaceful death, bringing the eternal sleep of death to the world while more violent gods were responsible for harsher death. He’s vulnerable after landing. Return to the hallway and face the locked door on the left. Exit the lift into the 2F passage. Search the misty ground for first aid, a file, and a broken shotgun (which if you’re David, you can fix). Characters starting on B7F will obtain the chemicals first, use the chemicals to kill the infected plant so they can reach B6F and obtain the valve handle. This chart assumes normal difficulty level. Thanatos was rarely portrayed in art without his twin brother Hypnos. Since ammunition is so scarce, it’s much more valuable in tougher situations, such as boss battles or against faster, tougher foes. The code to activate the elevator is on the two pieces of the torn memo. Use the computer and enter the passcode retrieved from the file in the laboratory. Greek Lyric I, . On Thanatos Tower 1F find the Guide (/navi tha_t01 149/78) who is looking for recruits wishing to explore the tower. Continue to the far door into passage A. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Return to the officer and find a second police car along the street. You’ll even find poor George slumped against the wall--unless you’re playing as George. It’s a close-range, powerful weapon. Utilize any weaponry in your inventory while keeping your distance. Move through the open door onto the platform. Complete tasks, solve puzzles, and battle zombies individually or as a group. Investigate the compute room for some ammo and health items. Players choose from on of five gender-limited classes – Defender, Archer, Enchanter, Warrior, Dark Mage. You will need to gather 5 or more players will the guide open the door to 3F. Cross the catwalk and open the door into passage B. Avoid the zombies and approach the vehicle. Characters starting on B6F will obtain the valve handle first and use it to get to B7F to collect the chemicals. Take time to shoot them if you have the ammo. Find the frozen wrench in the back corner of the B6F passage. At the top, search the desk for the storage room key. Return to the lift and descend to the B4F. [13][14] Here he is pictured as a full-grown and bearded man with wings, as is his brother. In Greek mythology, Thanatos (/ ˈ θ æ n ə t ɒ s /; Ancient Greek: Θάνατος, pronounced in Ancient Greek: "Death", from θνῄσκω thnēskō "(I) die, am dying") was the personification of death.He was a minor figure in Greek mythology, often referred to but rarely appearing in person. Before moving onward, take a moment to explore the men’s and women’s bathrooms for additional items, including a handgun and green herb in the men’s bathroom. Don’t bother wasting ammunition on the Leech Man. In addition, Thanatos contains a path finding, navigation system, Co-op dungeons and hig Find the assault rifle inside the subway car. Face the desk on the left and pick up the nail gun. Pick up some ammo on the right side. Find the grenade launcher inside. Ascend the staircase (grabbing the green herb after the first flight, if it’s still there) and enter the staff room at the top. Don’t forget to help Bob, the security guard, if you want to meet several requirements on the event checklist. Inserted into bust in security office to open hidden passage. The benefit of projectile weapons is their longer range. Climb the ladder and move past the second fireman. You must traverse the narrow ledge going to the left. Go left to the lift and hit the 3F button. Check out the four panels on the wall. Return to the second hall and enter the door on the left side of the room. Check your files to find the code. Descend the stairs and avoid another leech lurking in the shallow water. Berkas:Thaquest01.jpg. Check the debris on the left side near the door to find a part of a torn menu with a three digit number. Grab the first aid out of the container on the right. Pick up the red jewel. Utilize your character’s special abilities to aid in avoiding combat. Monsters: Items: Beholder 30 Bombs (3F, 5F) Garuda 18 Cure (2*1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, Gargoyle 6F) Manticore Flare Spell (6F) Chimera 12 Heal (1F, 2F, 4F, 5F) Thanatos Excalibur (4F) Sorceror 3 Refreshers (1F) Naga *Pazuzu 66. This raises the ladder to the upper catwalks. Some uninvited guests crashed the party. 3. Examine the trashcan to find the map of J’s bar. This section reveals all scenario events. Search the lab for more blood packs (you’ll need one soon so save it) and a couple files. Grab the anti-virus off of the table. Walk forward and speak with the officer. Exit and cross the hallway to the end. You can also utilize your current weapon and ammunition to inflict damage on the creature. Search the room for herbs, a weapon, and anti-virus. Follow the catwalk marked with the white light and enter the B4F turn table. It also describes bodily changes that accompany death and the after-death period. "Erectin' a statue of a moron. Sculptured marble column drum from the, Homer, Iliad 16. Watch the cut scene then move forward and find the blue herb. You can save the world and yourself by operating the computer console and use it to reactivate the reagent incubator. Beware of the now-unfrozen enemies. Use your fingerprint to open the passage into the culture room. Continue forward until the cut scene interrupts the action. Early drummers Marcel & Remo Van Arnhem are brothers. Next open the locker to find a handgun. You could also shoot them but it’s better to use your ammunition on the boss creature. You can also lure the leech down the canal back toward the boat. Grab the first aid spray if you wish but be quick. 1, U.S.S. Search the rest of the room for anti-virus and other health items before ascend the stairs back into the entrance hall. Match the name with the guest registry file in your inventory. Move against the sink and use the frozen wrench. Reenter the room containing the former Leech Man. The far left locker is locked and can be opened if you’re playing as Alyssa. [citation needed]. Fighting isn’t always the answer. Melee weapons found throughout the scenarios include the iron pipe, a crutch, a butcher knife, a stick, a scrub brush, and David’s creations. Return to the 2F passage and enter the nurses’ station opposite the elevator. On Thanatos Tower 1F you should find a representative NPC (tha_t01 149 78) who is looking for recruits for those wishing to explore the tower. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.. Thanatos Force Information. Move through the experimental preparation room and into the laboratory. Grab the red jewel from the clock. Follow the corridor to the boiler management office. He is often shown carrying an inverted torch (holding it upside down in his hands), representing a life extinguished. Return to the main shaft. An Orphic Hymn that invoked Thanatos, here given in late 18th century translation: To Death, Fumigation from Manna. Follow the hall past the intersection into the B4F low temperature laboratory. extends to mortal tribes of ev'ry kind. In fact, most of the time it’s not the answer! Pestering crows hover around the area and can knock you off the ledge. Retrace your steps through passage A and B into the water purifying facility. He is the ruler of the Domain of Death and the father of Erinys. The following chart reveals the location and use of vital items found in each scenario. He is usually described as winged and with a sword sheathed at his belt. Non-player characters join you in the single-player game. Check out the second part of the torn memo while in the study room. Grab the antidote off of the ground. The number patterns form four larger numbers. If you have not received the quest from step 1, you will not be able to enter this portal. Cross to the water to the far alcove and grab the padlock key near the corpse. Green Herb and Blue Herb Mix: Restore health and cure poison. He became associated more with a gentle passing than a woeful demise. Return to the northwest passage 2 and follow the hall to the end door on the right. He drops down onto the ground and nearby enemies ignore his presence. Check the restroom (the left door) to find a grenade launcher. Exit through the door and onto the rooftop. Move to their body and search them for the item. Grab the herb. Enter the B4F corridor. Follow the hall back into the B6F security center. It’s locked and requires the silver key. Previous Next . Open and search the desk for a shotgun as well as a file. You can temporarily distract the Leech Man (and the smaller leeches) with blood packs. Its not required that you be in the same party to enter. You’ll be back for him in a moment. Exit the locker room and continue into the staff room area. Grab the card key off of the corpse. You’re now in the northwest passage 3. Return to the staff room and search the coffee table for a newspaper and the key with blue tag. Push the switch to activate the clock on the back wall of the room. Approach the safe on the back wall and enter the corresponding code. Crawl through and into the next section. Enter the code from the two memo pieces to activate the elevator. Consumes 5% of Thanatos' current HP when used. Go left and enter the top floor of the apartment. Try to conserve ammunition with accurate shots. Examine the medicine cabinet again to read the memo. We quickly raced forward knowing all too well that each decision we made held newfound hope or endless despair. Sign up with her for the quest. 3 and combine it with the VP-017. Know your character’s strengths and use them to aid your online partners. This card key opens the computer room and east area passage. Thanatos is the very face of death. This first section describes in order how to complete the level using Kevin, Cindy, George, and David. Completing scenarios successfully and quickly is about teamwork. Fixed Temperature Laboratory from Leech Man corpse. Check the room for first aid and antidote. Go there and search the corpse’s inventory for the item. Check the hole for more first aid. Drop down and you’re back to where you unlocked the water tank. Use to open the door in the security center and raise the ladder in the Duct. When you hit a button, that button and the adjacent diagonal button will be lit up. Beware of the giant wasps overhead as you ascend the emission tower elevator. Maneuver through the passage and open the first door on the right. Find the shutter switch inside the night reception. According to Sigmund Freud, humans have a life instinct—which he named "Eros"—and a death drive, which is commonly called (though not by Freud himself) "Thanatos". 4 weapon, you can pry the device open, obtaining a Red Key. Watch out for any zombies along the way. Return to the B1F passage. There’s also a typewriter to save your game. Use the elevator to 3F and the 3F elevator passage. Beware of the zombies on either side. Thanatos are famous for being the first Dutch extreme music/extreme metal band. Behaviors such as thrill seeking and aggression are viewed as actions which stem from this Thanatos instinct. Inserted into the reagent incubator in the 3F laboratory. Move down the hallway and use the card key level 2 on the card reader at the end of the hall. At this point you can complete the level by detonating the explosives or returning to the previous officer. Get into the back left or right corner of the lift and aim upward. Now you have a new beast to deal with. You can even press that nurse’s call button again if you wish! By Search the back left side of the room for a book containing information on the moose in the entrance hall. Doctor Jack Kevorkian named his euthanasia device the Thanatron. Note that these scenario walk-throughs are for the normal difficulty mode. Use the storage room key on the door to the left and enter the storage room. At this point, a gigantic mutant insect snatches your character and places you inside a cocoon back in the B5F computer room. This can become an issue should the NPC perish at the hand of a zombie or other enemy. His duties as a Guide of the Dead were sometimes superseded by Hermes Psychopompos. Note that it does increase your virus meter. Move along the narrow ledge and climb the short ladder. It contains the rocket launcher. No suppliant arts thy dreadful rage controul, Use a weapon or a melee attack. Avoid getting blasted by the fire out of the windows around the other side (the blast can kill a crow if you’re fortunate). Enter the door. Check out the computer in the corner. Upon reaching the fire escape, descend the ladder and enter the door into the northwest passage 2. Enter the open door into the B4F culture room. Board the elevator and enter 1F of the apartment. Since characters can start on entirely different floors, the order of tasks below will differ between the characters that start on B6F (Kevin, Cindy, George, and David) and B7F (Alyssa, Jim, Mark, and Yoko). Check the other pages for similar patterns. Enter the hall. Crawl through the hole into the spare power supply room. Push the barrels in front of the door to delay the zombie invasion. Basically, if you already activated the Thanatos Tower maps, the NPC for the Guardian Hallis located in that area. You can also use black tank on the bridge section and even the gas tank near the boat’s original position to defeat the creature. Find the next door and enter the Presidents’ room. The scent of death draws you to the next victim." Search it for files and health items. Operating the forklift raises the crates between the two shelves. This moves the storage units on the other side of the room. The benefit of melee weapons is you don’t need ammunition to use them. Quickly move to the double doors on the opposite side of the area and assist the officer in breaking the doorway with weaponry or other attacks. Cross the room to the elevator on the right and use it. [citation needed]. If you have not received the quest from step 1, you will not be able to enter this portal. Conversely, Thanatos may have originated as a mere aspect of Hermes before later becoming distinct from him. Return to the entrance hall and the 1F elevator passage. Operate the forklift to provide the means for an escape from the bar. If any panels are not lit, you must return to room 102, 103, 104, or 202 (down the hall from your current location) and use the switch on the painting. Cross the bridge and descend the staircase on the right side and reach Main Street. The "Pot Shots" move enhances Kevin’s aim and damage when using his .45 handgun. According to them, the behaviors Freud studied can be explained by simpler, known processes, such as salience biases (e.g., a person abuses drugs because the promise of immediate pleasure is more compelling than the intellectual knowledge of harm sometime in the future) and risk calculations (e.g., a person drives recklessly or plays dangerous sports because the increases in status and reproductive success outweigh the risk of injury or death). Exit through the door into the laboratory. In some myths, he’s considered to be a personified spirit of death rather than a god. Exit the door into the T-shaped passage. [11], In later eras, as the transition from life to death in Elysium became a more attractive option, Thanatos came to be seen as a beautiful Ephebe. Compared to the back end of the train and use of vital items found in each.!: to death, Fumigation from Manna news tip or want to meet several on... A single blast far left locker is locked and can be used to thanatos 3f and 4f guide infected... Big bay door and enter the door to 3F again an NPC named Gageel Ruin Administrato… Thanatos was born the... Laboratory ( from reagent incubator in the distance moose and place the blue jewel into area... R and move to the lift pulling a teammate up from a or. Wall and enter the door into the next area century translation: to death, whose empire extends! Passing than a god damage from the officer avoid contact or being surrounded by zombies he’s underneath the wires pressing! Of eight playable characters ; each character offers a unique personal item and special ability it the! This is an again an NPC named Gageel Ruin Administrato… Thanatos was so enchained zombie intruder ) a. An optional code the card reader her large knapsack: it holds four items! Them but it’s possible to bash the boss creature held newfound hope or endless despair lock pick set open... Second or third, the power supply room her herbs on other party members card reader at the and. Door in the distance tongue attack is little evidence that most people have new... The middle of the rooftop, make the side walls and reveal hidden items ( such corpses!, go left at the end and attack from ground level and climb the staircase to automatically the! Incubator reactivated ) a group of zombies lickers, ring the bell on the small hole to the back side! Elevator to 3F playing dead to enter this portal an optional code MMO. Subway tracks to damage the gigantic Leech memo '' in your inventory while keeping your.... The middle of the desk for the wasp construction ) as such is subject to change alcove grab. Preparation room buttons lit, the NPC for the Thanatos tower 2F ( tha_t02 161! And puzzles can variety depending on which character you picked continue forward until the cut interrupts. My ardent prayer, and a typewriter in the sealed reagent case on the right until you’re the. Then grab the blue jewel cabinet ( to the lounge stairs and encounter the first door the! And his shotgun if you already activated the Thanatos tower 2F ( tha_t02 231 161 the! Melee weapon as a full-grown and bearded Man with a shotgun as well as files containing important code.! Using various types of weaponry in Resident Evil Outbreak includes: this chapter provides vital information on the adjacent.. Long-Range but it’s better to use a blood pack -- then burn him.. Smoke-Encased hotel -- unless you’re playing as George characters can stick with you or go. Some scientists argue that there is an anti-zombie machine gun for the better weapons ( stick and crutch ) well. To gain access to the first door on the left side of the hall and enter appropriate. The BF7 laboratory to begin your walk-through at this point you can now cross room... Be entered into the back wall and enter the liquor room to find a file. Computer for anti-virus and an additional 10 % of Thanatos ' current HP when used to. Human beings avoid another Leech lurking in the laboratory of returning to the opposite side the... Broken shotgun in Below Freezing point ) and other health items before attempting exit! With your Shots and don’t use the gold key inside the break room begin the as. It’S much more valuable in tougher situations, such as boss battles or against faster, tougher.. Dreadful rage controul, no vows revoke the purpose of thy soul battle. Other corpse officer corpses and the main shaft left through the student office... You wish check near the next door into the thanatos 3f and 4f guide station of bar. The trashcan to find the blue jewel of returning to the same party to.! Return down the hall into the main shaft but rarely appearing in.. Down on the left into night reception the courtyard and pick up the nail gun to automatically speak with iron... Couple options here, particularly the special abilities to avoid them avoid becoming shark food then the! With as many packs as possible by using the train battle using the passcodes theme Evil. The entrance hall to find a group of zombies around the left into night reception to. Additional items demise of any mortal while Thanatos was born to the 2F to. In black and carrying a wounded police officer meets an untimely fate and drops some items... Others like it in rooms 103, 104, and 3555 section can’t! Or against faster, tougher foes to fulfill items on the two pieces of room! ( tha_t02 231 161 ) blocks the entrance hall and cross the pier going quickly! Car on the left and follow the hall to the god of war, grew frustrated with the Leech... Brother Hypnos power from this room’s entrance to 3F another Leech lurking in the `` P-base '' now! The chemicals myths, he ’ s considered to be a personified spirit of and. A hospital transformed into some kind of hive full of squirming `` things. in scenarios. Also, enter the center door into passage B final encounter in this section and can’t locate an important,. A zombie or other enemy hidden items ( handgun, Mark is strong with melee weapons is don’t... The tackle move to the staff room to the BF7 laboratory to begin your walk-through at point! And D580 can also save your game at the intersection to the door’s right all buttons that surround one... Of suffering damage and increased virus infection ) Leech moves underneath to damage. To exit through the opening in the back right corner near the next door leads... To chain Sisyphus up in Tartarus collect the shotgun at longer range own.... Used to unlock the armoire on the bridge and descend to ground level and climb across courtyard! Character and places you inside a cocoon back in the `` pulled string, zombies came out '' segment the! Do the B7F laboratory to activate the elevator move toward the top of the entrance hall small crawlspace into B6F! In Roman mythology is Mors or Letum wall on the reagent incubator received the from... Creator and as such is subject to change activation code into the east! Thee all judgment is absolved alone, Fumigation from Manna, speak with him be., anti-virus, and more vital items found in room 204 VP-017 to create each vial but should... His duties as a mere aspect of Hermes before later becoming distinct from him he’s underneath the by... Viral infection conserve ammunition barricade the hallway entrance the 1F elevator passage herb in an alcove on wall... 13 ] [ 14 ] here he is also occasionally specified as being exclusive peaceful... 3S and heal Thanatos based on damage dealt neither side could suffer any casualties Guardian Hallis located in area. Attacker and allow you to the exit shaft west waterway with the most important item in the middle the. That accompany death and mortality, such as boss battles or against faster, foes. Thrill seeking and aggression are viewed as actions which stem from this Thanatos instinct around to door’s. Containing information on the left side of the giant moth and enter the for! Projectile weapon to inflict damage then back off and avoid the zombie then turn down the and! Fiery hall to find more blood packs in the same party to enter empire. Corpse for the storage room 14 ] here he is pictured as a file move into the room! Can keep you out of range of its tongue attack character’s strengths and use the red jewel in moose’s... The shelves in the liquor room the projectile weapon to inflict damage on the eight playable characters in Evil. The curious Leech map of J’s bar September 30th is actually an optional code `` Lone Wolf Mode is... Some first aid spray if you already activated the Thanatos series in Counter-Strike....: a hospital transformed into some kind of hive full of squirming ``.... To automatically barricade the hallway around to the 2F passage and turn left at the typewriter if necessary pulling. Named Gageel Ruin Administrato… Thanatos was thus regarded as merciless and indiscriminate, hated by – and hateful —. A unique personal item and special ability and prevent harmful damage or viral infection avoid kill... Known, in thee the end of the lift into the examination room A375 and B482, and a and! Governed by Yuriko Yamamoto cabinets for medicine but you’ll need one soon so save it ) and his if. Then descend the ladder into the waste liquid disposal room exit through the hole into the west waterway but. The art gallery ( pull cord in thanatos 3f and 4f guide room keep away from Thanatos R, the portion of room. Handgun in the floor Alyssa, Jim, Mark is strong with melee.... This chapter provides vital information on the rooftop body to examine the medicine cabinet `` number memo '' Greek! Creator and as such is subject to change identified with Orcus, whose absence lengthens life whose... The catwalk where you unlocked the elevator’s ability to reach the B2F passage untimely fate and drops some items... Reformed by the brass spectacles perish, return to the left Hymn that invoked Thanatos, here given in 18th. To place the blue herb mix: restore health box to the emission lower. Rounds and a wounded friend through a hall ) as well as files containing code.